Gmina Gronowo Elbląskie
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Gmina Gronowo Elbląskie
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Our commune is a unique region in terms of nature and technology on the national level and it possesses outstanding agricultural, ecological, natural and cultural qualities
The cultural image of Żuławy comprises, among others, systems of polders, drainage ditches, canals, historic rural layouts of villages with historic churches and Żuławy-style arcaded houses, old technical equipment, pump stations, drawbridges, floodgates, sluices as well as scattered Dutch settlements.


One interesting feature of the landscape is the fact that ca. 80% of the commune is located in a depression area. The largest, though unconfirmed, Polish depression is located near the village of Wikrowo (2.23 m below sea level).


The commune has an established kayak route from Elbląg, down the Tina river, to the village of Różany.
Another possible kayak route leads from Elbląg, down the Fiszewka river, to the village of Szopy.

There are also plans to build two tourist harbors at the Nogat river and a bathing beach, once the Nogat river is awarded water quality class II.

To make the region more attractive and to mobilize some towns and villages within our commune, locations for local summer resorts have been mapped out in the following areas: Kopanka Pierwsza, Kopanka Druga, Szopy, Karczowiska Górne, along the roads near the Fiszewka river, Różany at the Tina river.


The commune boasts two agritourism farms offering accommodation in Jegłownik and Karczowiska Górne.

The tourists who visit this place can find numerous attractions. Hiking enthusiasts can enjoy tourist trails. Local monuments are also worth seeing. What is the most important is that the local inhabitants are hospitable and hard-working and they strongly identify with their commune.

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Gmina Gronowo Elbląskie - województwo Warmińsko-Mazurskie

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